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Irrational Coffee is an AMIV commission dedicated to spreading alternative coffee culture. If you are interested in learning more about different coffee beans, processing techniques, brewing methods, or anything coffee-related, then this is the place for you!

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We are closed over the semester break
We may be open spontaneously. Please check Instagram.

Filter Coffee

A milder way to experience a caffeinating experience.


High Pressure, High Flavour.

Cascara Tea

Cascara tea is brewed from the cherries of the coffee plant.

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November 16, 2021

Registration for Coffee Cupping November 2021

The registration for our coffee cupping event this Saturday (20th of November), at 10.00 in the CAB opens at 18.00 today (16th of November). Register on the AMIV website, the participation fee is 10 CHF. ...

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November 12, 2021

Getting there with the Latte Art

Latte art can be kinda tricky, especially with how plant-based milk can have very different foaming properties. Having said that, the bottleneck lies mostly with our barista skills. ...

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Coffee Library

Here we showcase some of the coffees that we have tried at the coffee stand and around the world


Hönggerberg Coffee Stand 2021-11-05

Miro Santa Rosa

Zentrum Coffee Stand 2021-11-03

Birchbach Kayumbu

Zentrum Coffee Stand 2021-11-03

Bohnen Kartell Mount Meru

Zentrum Coffee Stand 2021-11-03

Brewer Red Gayo

Upcoming Events

Stay up to date with our Telegram channel.

Coffee in Good Spirits: Coffee Cocktail Evening

Date TBA

Where: Papperlapub

Intro To Coffee Event

Date TBA

How to make better coffee at home; hacks, tips and tricks.

Previous Events

Coffee Cupping 2021

20th of November

Here, we will be learning how 'cup' coffee and how to taste for different flavours

Coffee Crawl 2021

24th of October

Where: MAME, Miro, Collective Bakery, Coffee, BeanBank

With 14 participants.

Coffee Cupping 2021

3rd of March

Where: Virtual

The coffee tasting took place on Zoom, where 40 participants got the chance to test 8 different coffees and discover the flavours each of them had to offer.

Coffee Crawl 2020

24th of October

Where: MAME, Miro, Ruby Rambo, Just Coffee, Cafe Leonhardstreppe

With 23 participants


We are coffee enthusiasts.

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