March 3, 2020 by Etienne

Coffee Cupping Event 2021


The coffee tasting took place on Zoom, where 40 participants got the chance to test 8 different coffees and discover the flavours each of them had to offer.

We had coffee from

  • Friedhats (Amsterdam),
  • Miro (Zurich),
  • MAME (Zurich),
  • Stoll (Zurich),
  • Vertical Coffee Roasters (Zurich); and
  • Coffee Collective (Copenhagen).

As special guests, the CEOs of Vertical Coffee Denise and Simone took part, told us about their coffee “Wibeti”(a washed heirloom from Ethiopia) and answered questions. The participants got to decide which coffee they liked best, as a surprise to the organizing team most participants chose their favourite to be “Maximandro Torres Sanchez”, a natrual Castillo from Peru.